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About Us

About T2

The Discovery

Michael Tighe, president and founder of T2, first became aware of Bandwidth Envy® in the late nineties while working at an internet infrastructure company. It was here, during the early days of the Internet, that Tighe noticed the tell-tale symptoms of Bandwidth Envy:

  • Employees’ and customers’ needs go unfulfilled.
  • A feeling of inadequacy.
  • Future strategies shelved for lack of access.
  • Customer interactions and opportunities missed.

As the 2000s passed, Tighe saw Bandwidth Envy infecting more companies, without anyone doing anything about it. He personally witnessed far too many companies trying to supposedly cure Bandwidth Envy but they only made problems worse. Additionally, the advancement of more applications moving to the cloud only increased the demand for more bandwidth and, for some, the Bandwidth Envy increased.

The Prescription

In 2004, Tighe founded T2 with a single purpose: He aimed to affordably meet his customers’ needs by providing a choice of providers and prescribing the cure with a top supplier in connectivity, cloud and collaboration services.

The Cure

When you partner with T2, you get:

  • Direct access to more than 30 of the world’s most trusted names in telecommunications providers.
  • Advice from one of the Bay area’s top experts in carrier services.
  • A partner who will stand by you, month after month–not a revolving door of salespeople who are only there until you sign on the dotted line.
  • Cloud computing specialists with leading collocation, managed cloud and Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider contacts.
  • Solutions from a firm that’s been certified by both CompTIA Cloud Certification and the Technology Channel Association.

Telecom AssociationCompTia Cloud EssentialsTelecom Channel Association

In the fight against Bandwidth Envy, it’s important to remember that the symptoms can retreat as quickly as they appear. With a network recommended and trusted by T2, even the most crippling case of Bandwidth Envy can be eliminated in weeks. . .or perhaps only days! To find out more about Bandwidth Envy, click here.

T2 is here to help you achieve your business goals—whether you’re in the Bay area or anywhere else in the world. If you’re suffering from chronic rebuffering, dropped tunnels, irritated customers, or inflamed employees, give T2 a call at 415-522-4400 or email us at

It’s just what the doctor ordered.


® Bandwidth Envy is a registered trademark of Tailored Technology, Inc.