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Bandwidth Envy

Bandwidth EnvyBandwidth Envy® is highly contagious. Simply witnessing a fiber build into the company next door or seeing an advertisement with exaggerated speeds has been known to trigger symptoms.

What is Bandwidth Envy?

A state of anxiety that occurs as the result of insufficient network connectivity. When network bandwidth doesn’t measure up to the demand, leaving both customers and employees dissatisfied.

Symptoms may include:

Angry employees, a feeling of inadequacy, chronic re-buffering, loss of competitive edge, decreased productivity, reduced customer retention, wasted time, money, and missed opportunities.


Contact a T2 representative to find immediate relief. A T2 treatment plan is guaranteed to prevent this condition from recurring and will help your business maintain its competitive edge.

Side effects of T2 may include:
  • Additional cost savings
  • A sudden increase in employee morale and customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency

Our objective is to cure Bandwidth Envy and to make sure our customers spend less time managing and navigating vendors. We accomplish this by providing businesses with a single resource to access over 30 different carriers and service providers.

Don’t have the time to chase down 12 different carriers or try to figure out who the carrier rep of the month is? Moving offices or data centers and need to find out your carrier options before you sign the lease? Contact T2 today!


® Bandwidth Envy is a registered trademark of Tailored Technology, Inc.