Make those minutes count


T2 is the bandwidth-boosting partner who can ensure that you have the access to the connectivity provider that best meets your location, pricing and service level requirements. T2’s strategic relationships with service providers give you access to the most competitive rates in the industry.

Voice Services

If you are a multi-location customer, we can assist in consolidating under a single Long Distance and Local provider. We also have options for SIP trunking, PRIs and converged services. For VOIP, go to our CaaS section for more information.


The #1 cause of Bandwidth Envy® today is inadequate internet access. What is Bandwidth Envy? It is a state of anxiety that occurs as the result of insufficient network connectivity leaving both customers and employees dissatisfied.

Whether it’s multi-homing to multiple carriers in your data center or just needing access to your new 20-employee office, we’ll provide you the options and the realistic timelines. With the right consultation at the beginning, you can prevent Bandwidth Envy from ever affecting your operations.

Private Data/VPLS/Metro Ethernet/Fiber

If your application requires some privacy or more consistency than the public internet, we have options in the Metro and long-haul to support your voice, video and data. If needed, we have providers that can do a custom private fiber build right to your location.

For a free consultation on your connectivity choices, drop us a line at or give us a call at 415-522-4400.


® Bandwidth Envy is a registered trademark of Tailored Technology, Inc.